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The last: Naruto the movie
"The last story, the first love."


remember when naruto was on team guy for an entire filler arc? i do *tenten proceeds to post one of those happy birthday collages, filled with embarrassing photos of naru*

i felt really sad today but i had to whip up something, so here’s ino and cho„„happy birthday to my bae, miss yamanaka, cutest girl ever, a flower that bloomed, etc etc


wip that im gonna redraw (probably digitally) when ino and hinatas designs come out….i wanted fanart of the kunoichi taking selfies so i did it myself. …

please forgive the rough lines, i was actually planning on scrapping this so i didn’t do a lineart layer, just the sketch

but eh, why didn’t anyone tell me it was ino week?! here’s one of my obscure ino ships…i have more, but i don’t have time to draw them all